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 “You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.” Dr Seuss


I have a life-long love of all things foodie. The great thing about food love is it is never unrequited. I love a proper Italian Pizza and in return it gives me that warm, cheesy induced coma that never fails to follow another couple of slices. I was once told “a chef who thinks of calories is like a tart who looks at her watch!”


An English farmers daughter, I grew up on home cooked stews, hearty vegetables and my own pets (okay well not quite, but you get it…real local produce!). I then crossed the ditch and learnt to cook (and drink Guinness) in Ireland and continued travelling the world.


My love for travel is unquestionable! I adore going to new places, meeting new people and trying out their local recipes. Trips to India, South East Asia and South America have heightened my appreciation for REAL FOOD. 


Three years living on the East coast of New Zealand, I was finally  able to combine my love of food, travel and with the help of dear old Darcy…retro camper vans! Ever since a little girl, I had cut outs of retro camper vans stuck on my bedroom wall, with dreams of one day having my very own. A trip to windy Wellington 5 years ago saw me returning with the perfect little food truck!


Darcy and I sold delicious food from boutique burgers to Mexican chilli dishes and fair trade coffee; NZ Squeezed juices and fresh fruit smoothies for 5 years at the heavenly Tolaga Bay wharf.

Another very exciting venture came to light in 2019,  when I was out searching for ways to expand. A sweet little donut shop in Ballance Street Village came up for sale, with Mr Blobby wallpaper, retro furniture, and some fantastic ornamental cherry trees in blossom. So, I thought, blow it, and I threw myself at this exciting new opportunity!

Firstly I had to re-learn how to make donuts! Something I had learnt back in 2012 and never challenged myself again!

After a few months of being open, we are not just a donut shop, we now sell  many other mouth watering goodies from '"the best cheese scones in town", a selection of daily made salads, sandwiches, rich chocolate espresso brownies, scrumptious prune and apple sausage rolls and lots more. 

Everything in our wee little kitchen is 99% homemade from scratch, and I'm talking about pretty much everything, from our pickles, chutneys, mayonnaise, cakes, and even our pastry.

We try to buy local and seasonal and support New Zealand suppliers as much as possible.

Our goal is to be keeping this gourmet joint fresh, tasty and all made from scratch.

We are open from Monday to Friday, 7am until 3pm! And will always welcome you with a smile!


The Lockdown!!

Its been a tough few weeks for everyone but all I can say being 8 months pregnant maybe this lockdown has been a blessing in disguise...I have managed to get my body into preparation for the next few months ahead of me with a little baby on the way and had time to actually put my feet up!

I've been on many walks, enjoying beautiful sunrises, sunsets, stacking wood, tending to my garden and animals and just enjoying spending time in my own little bubble with my bubble people! 

One way of keeping myself busy is I have been curing, smoking and baking...and baking ALOT! It's been heavenly! The one thing I have really missed though is a beautiful fresh Karamu Coffee! And I cannot wait to crank that machine up again!  

My husband and I have been experimenting with all the wonderful foods that we are lucky enough to have available to us up in Tolaga Bay, amongst so many things we have challenged ourselves to so many things that we always wish to do but never have the time! We've made homemade venison jerky, dry cured ham, maple glazed bacon, dry rubbed spiced pork smoked in our 1970's converted oven, hot cross buns, different varieties of bread, and lots of cakes. I'd be happy to say that this baby has potentially eaten far too much over lockdown, but hey ho! Im sure it'll be another foodie lover like me! 

Its been absolutely amazing watching everyones trials and errors at making so much wonderful food, and actually trying out new things, and I've had so many private messages with all your amazing efforts! 

We are looking forward to opening up again, and although its going to be different we can't wait to see all your happy faces again! We hope you have managed to keep your selves safe, sane and spry! 

I'd better get back to the kitchen right now before its too late, its my hubby's birthday tomorrow and I need to make him a cake, there is always an excuse right to bake something?! I wonder what should I make this time...

“You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.” Dr Seuss

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